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Family Support Services

People Inc. Excalibur. FSS.
Collectively Making a Family Difference.

Now is the time to get onboard with Excalibur’s family-oriented, ”Accessible Recreation on the Lake Program”. Designed for individuals with disabilities who are living with their families, this program offers families and individuals an invaluable opportunity to enjoy the stimulating nature and marine environment of Lake Eire. Whether you boat or fish, our state of the art, USCG inspected and licensed, Island Hopper is bound to give you a memory you won’t forget. Besides boating, you can join us for dockside instruction or sign up for one of Excalibur’s off season courses during the year.

Organization Information

  • Excalibur Leisure Skills Center, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization.
  • Funded by private foundations and community donations
  • Funded by NYS OPWDD
  • USCG Inspected & Licensed

Ship Ahoy MSC’s & FSS Members!
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Monthly FSS Member Outings

Weekly 2 Hour Trips, Monday thru Friday.
10am to 12 pm. 12 to 2pm. 4 to 6pm. 6 to 8pm.
FSS Saturdays.
10am to 12pm. 12 to 2pm.
( For all trips, please be dockside 10 minutes before boarding.)

Special Events for FSS Members

A calendar of events will be mailed to all FSS family members, marked with the information concerning the event. Please take advantage of these programs as they are for you and your family.

FSS Support

Your MSC, People Inc. and Excalibur are here to help you. We realize the importance of family values and how important it is to be able to interact with one another in an accessible manner. Excalibur believes that with accessibility, we are presented with opportunities and with opportunity, the grace and dignity to participate.

Weather Conditions

“What’s the weather like?” Excalibur is a firm believer in nature and its own presentation of Lake Erie. Rain or shine, we’re there. However, if there’s storm clouds on the horizon, winds blowing at 20 knots or more, with white caps cresting at the break wall, you will receive a call from our office to reschedule your trip. Rain or shine, please dress accordingly. Better to over dress than under dress, with a good pair of slip resistant shoes. “What’s the weather like?” “It’s wonderful!”

Families may enjoy this program on a one time basis, or they may schedule multiple trips throughout the boating season. Excalibur is able to accommodate families of 4, including the individual who is differently abled for a scheduled two hour trip.

Please indicate the type of trip you would like to schedule. Worms make the difference, if you’d like to fish, so please let us know. Our USCG licensed Captains and crew are here to make your family outing a pleasant one. Not only do we cast off ropes, but our experienced volunteers will provide hands on instruction in the proper use of marine equipment specially adapted for individuals with special needs.

For those who would like to learn more about Lake Erie, its environment, and its history, we’ve added some courses. Aside from on the water programming during the season we will also have Dockside Orientations, FSS Saturdays, and A FSS Family Picnic, also additional events will be offered in the fall and early winter months.

For information about enrolling in this program please contact Lee Anne Cyphert, Admissions Specialist at People Inc. at (716)-880-3858 / Lcyphert [at] people-inc [dot] org.